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Our production process employs the latest advances in cultivation and lyophilisation technologies. Every probiotic strain is produced by using optimised process parameters taking into account its individual requirements. This allows us to achieve very high concentrations of active cells in our products, which remain viable for a long time even when stored at room temperature.

Next Generation Probiotic that has no equivalent
One Biotic - Probiotic product

OneBiotic is a next-generation probiotic that has no equivalent in the world. Unlike most probiotics available on the market today, its formula utilizes only biocompatible and highly efficient probiotic strains.

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We offer

Bacterial concentrates

Bacterial concentrates consist of selected bacteria which have been grown under closely controlled conditions in a liquid medium and concentrated into a smaller volume. The concentrate could be liquid or dry, and may vary in composition depending on the bacterial strains used.

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Starter Cultures

The starter cultures are microbiological cultures which are used in initiating fermentation in a variety of processes, including those for production of various fermented dairy products, such as cheese, yogurt, etc., and the production of other foods, such as bread, sausage, pickles and sauerkraut.

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Private Label

CryoBiotica is one of the very few probiotic companies on the market which can offer you an in depth, end-to-end process when it comes to private label. We support our customers with expertise every step of the way, still making sure they are in control of the final outcome. Our team of professionals is able to provide information, ideas and solution to any kind of complex problems: from research and development of the most suitable probiotic strains for our client's needs, to how these cultures can be incorporated in the end product and afterwards manufactured and packed in variety of forms - liquids, sachets, capsules, tablets, etc.

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