About Cryobiotica

The driving force behind the establishment of Cryobiotica was the growing demand for high-quality health-promoting food supplements. In response to that demand, we focused on developing new highly potent probiotic bacteria. By employing cutting edge scientific approaches, the Cryobiotica team aims to select strains with solid probiotic characteristics. Cryobiotica raw materials are produced at a state of the art facilities, using innovative technologies for strain cultivation and freeze-drying, which deliver billions of beneficial bacteria capable of surviving the harsh environment of the human gastrointestinal tract and exerting health benefits.



Our Mission

CryoBiotica is a company that aims to redefine the status quo of the probiotic market. In our laboratories and facilities, we revolutionize every step of the production process – from selection to fermentation and packaging. The final result is a next-generation probiotic with no equivalent in the world. At CryoBiotica, we’ve employed years of probiotic expertise to invent an exceptionally visionary project. As a science-driven company, we constantly invest our efforts in finding and selecting the most robust probiotic strains which will deliver maximum health benefits for the digestive tract, immune system and weight management. In the centre of our philosophy stands the awareness that not all probiotics are the same. We know we’ve created the golden standard of probiotics because we were meticulous about every detail and decision. Not only our products utilize biocompatible and potent probiotic strains, but also we are pioneers when it comes to implementing cutting edge acid-resistant capsules into probiotic packaging. We are excited to be part of the new wave in food nutrition, where innovations and breakthroughs are helping people daily to lead a more natural, clean, healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Our Vision

CryoBiotica recognizes the shift in everyday life, where more and more people choose to prioritize their health by demanding only high-quality products. We want to give our customers probiotics in a market full of options with standards no one has ever achieved before. We feel confident to call our products the best in their class because they result from constant quality control supervision – from the moment the raw material enters into our laboratory till the very final step of production. CryoBiotica believes in innovations but also values the solid traditions of the old days. As a Bulgarian company, we are deeply rooted in the knowledge accumulated throughout the decades about microbiology, especially for lactic ferments and the unique L.Bulgaricus, which is used in the preparation of Bulgarian yoghurt – a superfood well-known around the globe for its substantial, healthy benefits as well as irresistible taste and texture. Day-to-day, we aspire to achieve leadership in research and development, strain isolation, characterization and production of probiotic strains. And we are confident that our never-ending quest for excellence in the field of probiotic manufacturing will contribute significantly to the prevention and treatment of different diseases.


MLO International

MLO International LLC has in its portfolio decades of experience in the fields of professional supplementation, health and wellbeing, competition preparation, training, fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting and strongman routines. MLO supplement lines meet the latest requirements for quality control.


Vitagold managed to build and establish a broad portfolio of products on the Bulgarian market, enabling tens of thousands of people to live fully and take more care of their health, which is a crucial prerequisite for quality and active life.


Bulteh - 2000 Ltd is a company established in 1996 with sound experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing electronic ultrasonic milk analyzers, special lab and technological equipment, and electronic devices in the dairy and food industry.


ProLact Ltd manufactures probiotics and synbiotics from the ProLact series. The incredible technology, invented by a team of Bulgarian scientists, dates back to the 80s when they were commissioned to create a product suitable for solving the problems of astronauts.

Green Master

The company was established in 1998 in Sofia and is the first and only home company managed to grow and establish itself in the highly competitive environment of the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business in Bulgaria.

BG Partners Ltd

BG Partners Ltd is a company that trades in the field of food supplies. BG Partners Ltd offers products for bakeries, confectionery and restaurants. The company was established in 2001, and since then, it enjoys steady growth and expands its product diversity.

Athlete's Nutrition Ltd

Athlete's Nutrition Ltd is a company that deals in the field of supplement nutrition. The strict quality control of the ingredients and manufacturing process and permanent laboratory tests of the finished products are done to deliver the highest quality at an affordable price.


Yunosato is a company that provides a complex service focusing on customer wellness. They employ organic farming practices and traditional technologies for fermented foods production - pickled vegetables, miso and probiotic soy yoghurt. The company is situated in Hashimoto, Wakayama(Japan).


DOYCH Ltd is a Bulgarian company that has won market leadership positions and customers’ trust with the development, manufacturing and selling of natural food supplements, dietetic foods for special medical purposes and cosmetics with high quality, proven effectiveness and safety.